Saturday Workshop 14th January 2017 – “Hope”

To start the New Year we have taken the theme of “hope”. All artists can treat the theme in whatever way they choose. The idea is that by the end we will have an interesting visual display which we can exhibit later in the year.

Saturday Workshop 3rd December 2016


Bring along your photos or images from google, magazines etc as reference material. Also bring pictures of people and/or objects you might want to include. Take a look at famous paintings of sun, snow or rain for inspiration.

Saturday Workshop 16th July 2016

Food Glorious Food!

For this workshop we are focusing on the theme of food. This could take any form you like, from café scenes, kitchen day to day still life, a glorious plate of food, or maybe a classic bowl of fruit. You may want to have people in your image so how about a group around a table/at a bar or eating ice creams on a bench for example? Spend some time choosing your images and don’t forget that you can use artistic license to mix and match your subjects, such as: use a café background and then put your chosen people at the tables, and perhaps allow them some knicker bocker glories!
For our preliminary warmup work, I’m going to talk briefly about colour theory and provide some colour experiments for you to try out, so please bring acrylic paint and sketching paper.

Saturday Workshop 11th June 2016

Hill Head en Plein Air

A workshop to produce local scenes at Hill Head – seascapes, harbour, beach etc – starting on the beach with sketches or paintings in the morning and completing the work at Catisfield Hall in the afternoon.

Saturday Workshop May 21st Your Inner Leonardo!

Your Inner Leonardo!

Choose your favourite painter – Monet, Matisse, Hambling, O’Keefe, Corot, Munch or whoever. This month we are going to have a go at painting in the style of your chosen artist. So, do a bit of research by looking at images of your artist – in books or online – and if possible, close ups of their paint marks. You can choose either to do a direct copy of one of their works or you can paint your own composition based on your own images but using their style of paintwork, composition, colours etc.

March Saturday Workshop

Fabulous Flowers

An experimental approach to using flowers in paintings –  close up, abstract, using collage and a variety of other styles. Bring your own favourite florals or be inspired by those provided.






February Saturday Workshop


Winter is upon us, so we’re focusing in on ourselves, limiting our palette, and
experimenting with more minimal composition including using the Fibonacci principle or
“Golden Ratio”, while having a go at covering areas using a palette knife.